Fukuchi-jo Castle Ruins,
a castle of Mie prefectural designated historic site

Basho Park

Structural remnants such as stone walls, clay walls and dry moats remain here. This place is maintained as Basho Park today.

Fukuchi-jo Castle Ruins

Fukuchi-jo Castle is believed to have been a residence of the influential officials of the Fukuchi clan in the Tsuge region.
It is one of the largest castle ruins in the Iga region. The Fukuchi-jo Castle Ruins is designated as a prefectural historic site since structures such as its stone walls remain in good condition.

Fukuchi Castle Ruins

30 minutes’ walk from Tsuge Sta. on the JR Kansai Line
0595-45-8488(Iga-Ueno Tourist Association Iga Office)
Tsuge-machi, Iga City