Kasuga-jinja Shrine,
the guardian deity shrine
for the Iga clan in Mibuno area

Kasuga-jinja Shrine

The worship hall of Kasuga-jinja Shrine (a registered tangible cultural property (structure))

Kasuga-jinja Shrine settlement house

The residences in the village are surrounded by tall, square clay walls and the descendants of ninja still live here.

Kasuga-jinja Shrine has been enshrined for more than 1250 years at the foot of Mt. Kasuga-yama, north of Kawahigashi, in Iga City. The origin of welcoming the deity dates to 769. Although the worship hall has been altered by renovations in later years, some of the large pillars still retain features from the Muromachi era. Designated as a prefectural culture property, it is believed to have been built in the mid-15th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in the prefecture.
In Iga Province and Koka region, local samurais and influential farmers eliminated public authority by working together and maintaining order through discussions. They were called “Iga-shu” referring to the Iga clan by people of other regions. Iga-shu were hired by various provinces for their special tactics at times of war such as sneaking into the opponent’s castle.
Members of the clan had a strong bond and gathered to discuss and make decisions on various matters. Kasuga-jinja Shrine was a place for the Iga clan to gather and hold such discussions.

Kasuga-jinja Shrine

5 minutes’ ride on the bus bound for Uenoshi Sta. from Shindo Sta. on the JR Kansai Line, then three minutes’ walk from Kawa-higashi Bus Stop
613 Kawahigashi, Iga City