Legendary historic site of Fujiwara no Chikata

Sakasa-yanagi, Chikobigaido and Tosagabuchi

(Images of Sakasa-yanagi, Chikobigaido and Tosagabuchi) Prefecturally-designated natural monuments/Municipally-designated historic sites

Chikata Kutsu

(Image of Chikata Kutsu) Municipally-designated historic site

This legendary historic site comes from a legend handed down in the mountainous area of the southern part of Iga. It is said that the shogun, Fujiwara no Chikata, who appeared in the Taiheiki, was defeated when he tried to rebel against the Imperial Court using four devils of gold, wind, water, and stealth.

Legendary historic site of Fujiwara no Chikata

Approx. 20-minute drive from Aoyamacho Sta. on the Kintetsu Osaka Line
0595-52-5202 (Aoyama Branch, Iga-Ueno Tourist Association)
Takao, Iga City